The Association of Pure Sake Promoters of Japan

About Us

We are promoting pure Japanese sake, jun-mai-shu, in Japan and abroad.
We are trying to support skilled small breweries that are brewing high quality pure sake.

In Japan, all sake had to be produced purely until World WarⅡ, but nowadays 85% of sake is not only alcohol but also sugar, acidulant, with synthetic flavoring added.

Pure sake is made with the simple ingredients of rice, rice Koji, Kobo(yeast) and water.
Pure sake can create a flavorful combination with a wide variety of dishes including your favorite meals.
Pure sake is a traditional, legitimate part of Japanese culture.

That’s why we’d like to introduce pure sake to people who are living all over the world.
We hope that you appreciate and enjoy pure sake more with each sip you take.

Latest News

  • Mar.28th 2013We uploaded Pure Sake lineup Page
  • Sep.1st 2011Our association was approved as a NPO corporation.
  • Jun 2011We decided to attend as a donor at The Premium Sake Tasting Night which will be held by the Tonari-Gumi in Vancouver.
  • Jun 2011We made a donation of 5 bottles of pure sake, Junmaishu Hikomago, to the secret auction of the Powell Street Fesrival Society.
  • Sep.2010We established an association named The Association of Pure Sake Promoters of Japan.